Split Gourmet Expo – gastro exhibition

Project Croatian Gastronomy Jewel includes culinary competitions and exhibitions in all parts of Croatia, aiming to raise a quality of hospitality offer and competitiveness. Project started in 2007 in Dalmatia, and so far towns all over Croatia were included.

Goal of the project is to inspire restaurateurs to implement more indigenous dishes in their menus, especially local specialties from different regions. All events are part of the Croatian Gastronomy Jewel project, but with separate names.

Split Gourmet Expo is a competition and exhibition of restaurants, taverns and hotels in Split.

They will prepare and exhibit 6,000 portions of their specialties on a 300 meters long table.

This is also opportunity to promote gastronomy scene in Split, as a year-round food destination.

All recipes with split Gourmet Expo 2018 at this link: Cookbook Split MENU 2018


Dates: October 14-15, 2016
Place: Split waterfront promenade RivaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All participating restaurant will prepare a selected dish which must be inspired by Croatian, Dalmatian and Split traditional cuisine, and representative with the restaurant’s usual
offer. Exhibition will have three categories
– Cold dish
– warm dish
– dessert

Jury of prominent Croatian and international chefs and food experts will judge following:
– taste
– presentation
– creativity in re-interpretation of traditional cuisine

At Riva, a giant table will be set with food exhibited on trays, plates and warming pots, depending on a dish. Every exhibit must include at least ten portions, and be marked with a name and location of the restaurant, as well as with chef’s name.

Also, at the event there will be sponsors’ stalls, as well as of local producers who will have a chance to make a presentation of their produces if they are in accordance with main goal, to contribute to gastronomy in Split.

All participants will receive a diploma, and three winners in each category will be awarded with medals.

Restaurant which will be declared an overall winner will receive a plaque Split Gourmet Expo to be exposed on its venue.

Gastronomy exhibition will be also accompanied by winemakers. Restaurants owners and staff will take part in a workshop where they will be educated on pairing of food and wine, proper wine serving and other oenology issues every restaurant should follow.